15C Scientific Calculator

15C Scientific Calculator

Vicinno 15C scientific calculator is the most accurate and precise emulator of the world-renowned HP 15C RPN high-end scientific programmable calculator available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows. We use the identical mathematics and calculations with the original to give you reliable, bug-free, precision and accuracy.

It can perform numerical integration and solve the roots of equations in addition to supporting complex numbers and matrix calculations.

★ Features include:
• Root finder
• Numeric integration
• Complex numbers
• Matrix operations
• Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic trig functions
• Probability (combinations and permutations)
• Factorial, % change, and absolute value
• Random number generator
• RPN entry
• Programmable
• In app manual
• Options to turn on/off key click feedback sound, and
• Switch number format between US and Europe/use comma as decimal point
• Automatically save/restore settings
• Click menu key to see more settings.
• More …

Screenshots and download links(click screenshots to see them in app stores):